Managed by Tatton Investment Management

The key to balancing risk is to spread your money across a range of investments. This is called diversification.

Tatton Investment Management use diversification to build portfolios that invest in many different types of assets, geographical areas and investment styles. A well-balanced portfolio ensures that even if equities are falling, other assets such as fixed interest and cash can potentially cushion the impact.

At Sinfonia we believe everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from investing in a diversified portfolio, balanced to reflect his or her attitude to investment risk. That’s why, with Tatton we’ve developed a range of risk-targeted portfolios that can help you and your clients grow their money and manage their risk.

The IFSL Sinfonia portfolios allow you to benefit from:

  • A professionally allocated portfolio built by Tatton specifically to meet the fund objectives
  • Research and selection of appropriate funds to populate the portfolios
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Day-to-day fund management by Tatton, ensuring continuous expert oversight and prudent risk management
  • Access to funds usually only accessible to institutional investors – Parvest and Parworld