Fund Factsheets

This page is intended to give you access to monthly actual asset allocation and Fund Fact Sheets. The Fact Sheets will be updated on a monthly basis to provide you with information on how the funds are performing.

So that both adviser and client can remain as up to date as possible, the factsheets also contain monthly market commentary and an update on strategic and tactical activity relating to each portfolio.

Our fund factsheets are approved for use by investment professionals with their clients.


IFSL Sinfonia Adventurous Growth

IFSL Sinf onia Balanced Managed

IFSL Sinfonia Cautious Managed

IFSL Sinfonia Income and Growth

IFSL Sinfonia Income

Fund prices

To view the latest fund prices go to or you can call the IFSL Funds Helpdesk on 0808 178 9322.