Benefits of VT Sinfonia

Managed by Tatton Investment Management Limited

VT Sinfonia gives your clients access to a wide range of assets, including the stock market, balanced to reflect a particular risk profile and offering the potential for growth in line with your objectives.

Suitable for your clients’ long-term needs

Your clients investment objective and risk profile are matched to their portfolio. This means that as long as their risk profile, investment objectives and capacity for loss stays the same, you can be confident their investment is still suitable for their needs.

Choice of portfolios to suit a range of risk profiles

We offer a range of five portfolios from ‘cautious’ to ‘adventurous’. If your clients’ attitude to risk changes over time you can talk to them about switching to a more suitable portfolio within the Sinfonia range.

Access to the world’s top investment managers

Tatton have access to a wide range of research and resources that enables them to select the most suitable funds to meet the portfolio’s investment objective. These funds are predominately from the BNPP AM Parvest and Parworld range, normally only accessed by institutional investors.

Diversification can smooth returns

Your client’s money is invested in a mix of equities, fixed interest and other types of investments from across the globe. This creates a diversified portfolio that helps to protect them from sudden drops in any one stock or market.

Tax and cost efficient

When investing in our portfolios, your client’s money is pooled with that from other investors and buys a number of shares in an OEIC. The OEIC structure has several advantages as it reduces the administrative cost and capital gains tax burden when the funds are rebalanced. In addition, Tatton can usually access the underlying funds in the portfolio cheaper than if you bought them directly as part of a model portfolio, so potentially saving these expenses as well.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investments can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. This can be as a result of market movements and exchange rates between currencies. The fund may invest in fixed interest funds, which are subject to market and credit risk and will be impacted by interest rates. The fund’s underlying investments may include emerging markets which may be less liquid and more volatile than more developed markets.